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Successful companies treat suppliers and customers as partners.

If your company really wants to operate efficiently and win customers you should team up and build synergy with your suppliers rather than bargain with them. When you start working together with your suppliers to align your processes and eliminate the friction that costs you both time and money, you can please more customers down the line and create a win-win situation for both of you.



4 Ps

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)


Synergistic Partnerships







Integrate virtually and co-innovate with your suppliers. Virtual integration is characterized by culturally different value-added relationships between manufacturers and suppliers who are working together for a common cause.


State-of-the-Art Supply Chain

Virtual Integration

3 Action Areas





Manage corporate cultural differences in the supply chain and harness the power of diversity.


Synergize Diversities






Build trust into your supply chain to receive more value from the suppliers in terms of costs, quality, technology, cycle time, and more.

Trust as a Source of Competitive Advantage


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If you are building a fast company, get your suppliers to move fast as well.


Fast Company







Green Procurement

Many large companies have launched comprehensive and innovative environmental programs on their own, not just for themselves but for their suppliers as well, most of whom are SMEs. This initiative is known as "Green Procurement".


Green Business

Sustainable Business

Circular Business Models









When there is a supplier performance problem, don't replace them. Keep them and help them improve instead.


Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF)






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