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"In business you cannot discover new heights unless you have the courage to leave the ground." ~ Seth Godin



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3 Strategies of Market Leaders



Balanced Business System

Balance is about how you live your life and manage your business and people.

  • Pay attention to both top-line growth and bottom-line results

  • Balance the whole, i.e. organizational needs, and the parts, be they large (functions) or small (teams or individuals).

  • Balance internal (creating value for organization and employees) and external (creating value for investors, customers, and society as a whole).


Leadership is more than just having the authority of a management or supervisory position. Authority (or position power) gets you compliance. Leadership (or influence power) gets you commitment. The best leaders challenge the process, inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, model the way, and encourage the heart.

12 Leadership Roles


Shift to the new hypercompetitive knowledge-based economy demands a renewed emphasis on innovation. This new economy is led by those who innovate – create, find and/or combine knowledge into new products, services, and distribution methods – faster than their competitors. Innovation is above all spurred by entrepreneurial action, aimed at creating value through the application of knowledge.

Innovation-friendly Organization


Corporate strategy seeks to develop synergies by sharing and coordinating staff and other resources across business units, investing financial resources across business units, and using business units to complement other corporate business activities.

Leadership-Management Synergy


Building a High-Growth Business: 10 Rules

Speed is an indispensable ingredient of competitiveness and a precondition for winning in the new rapidly changing economy. “Speed keeps businesses – and people – young… Speed exhilarates and energizes. It's addictive, and it's a taste you need to cultivate,” says Jack Welch.