Customer-focused Culture



Achieving Deep Customer Focus

10 Critical Breakthroughs


By. Prof. Sandra Vandermerwe, Tanaka Business School, University of London



❶ Create strategic excitement

Generate excitement about a new direction before a crisis, e.g., sagging sales, occurs. Then people will be inspired, not scared.


Inspirational Leader

Overcome Resistance



Michael Dell advice

When you delight your customer consistently by offering better products and better services, you create strong loyalty. When you build a meaningful, memorable total experience, you win customers for life.

Michael Dell

Dell Inc.




❷ Enlist "points of light"

Don't worry about gaining a consensus. Find people willing to try new things and let them inspire others.



Leading by Example


❸ Articulate the new market space (desired customer outcome)

Rely on "intelligent hypothesis" rather than research alone, since you are in a way inventing the future. Build cross-functional teams and let people in different product groups and disciplines see how they could contribute to the new market space.  >>>


Customer Experience as a Love Story

Listen to Your Customers

White Marketing






❹ Identify the value opportunities

A high-level team should use the customer-activity cycle to identify gaps (what customers could or should do) and fill them.


Value Innovation

KoRe 10 Tips






❺ Build a compelling case

Use the customer-activity cycle to develop detailed stories that exert rational and emotional appeal.


Mobilize Your People Around a Single Goal



Jack Ma quotes

I'm not a tech guy. I'm looking at the technology with the eyes of my customers, normal people's eyes.

Jack Ma




❻ Size the prize

Determine how much the bottom line will improve with deep customer focus.


7 Routes to High Profits





❼ Model the concept

Start with a customer workshop demonstrating the customer-activity cycle. Let customers validate, or amend, the value proposition (filling of gaps).


Achieve More with


Simulation Game





❽ Get people working together

A hierarchical, departmental attitude doesn't lead to deep customer focus. Establish cross-functional customer service collaborations driven by shared passion for customers.


Customer Experience Management

Customer-driven Innovation






Get critical mass

Make it easy for customers to choose a new option by quantifying both the financial and non-financial benefits. Collect "before" and "after" data to create and educate the market.


Customer Value Proposition

Emotional Marketing





Gather momentum

Because customer value is created using information, it can be used repeatedly. Once knowledge is gathered, it can be adapted to other markets and areas at low cost.


Customer Value Journey

Winning Customers