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Business e-Coach Business e-Coach

Breakthrough Websites by Vadim Kotelnikov: Business e-Coach, Fun4Biz, CimJoy, Innompics, eRaritet, Cimcoin

Invented in 2001,
Ten3 Business e-Coach
has customers all around the World and
licensed trainers in 50+ countries.

To create greater value for diverse groups of users, I have gradually built a synergistic network of diversified e-coaching sites.
Each site focuses on a chosen set of
life values
and/or business interests.

Together with partners, we synergized e-Coach and Cimcoin
to create further value for people and
build an amazing an joyful e-world CimJoy.




Creative chaos; inspiration for life & business

Success 360


Holistic approach to personal and business success


Smart tips from life and business from great achievers

Innovarsity - free online innovation university


Online innovation university

Leader360 - leadership e-coach, tips, free advice


Leadership e-coach and tips

Fun4Biz innovative social network for business, fun, entrepreneurial creativity contests


Innovative social network for creative entrepreneurs

Innoball - Innovation Football strategic simulation game


Innovation Football ‒ a simulation game for radical projects

Innompics - Innompic Internet Games for Innovators


Innompic Internet-games for innovators

One World One Way Many Paths


Uniting the World while admiring its cultural diversity

Inhale Love - loving and inspiring website


Live all-inclusive love

Happy Victor free e-coach, advice, videos


Be happy and win ‒ always!

Feed4Soul - feed for soul, love, kindless, wisdom, spiritual website


Spiritual guidance, eternal values for your life symphony

Emforgaphics - EMotional Infographics


Emotional infographics for instant and lasting inspiration

Cimcoin - mobile certification, digital gold


Breakthrough authentication technology and digital gold

CimWave logo - online shop of breakthrough products


Cimcoin-powered Internet-shop of cheap innovative products.

eRaritet - proven digital raritets, advanced certification technology


Authentication of unique / rare digital objects

Success Stories Best Business Practices Google

Google acquires innovative companies to diversify Into new areas or to add value to existing technologies and services.

Google acquired over 100 companies based in USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. Thanks to these acquisitions the company created new profitable businesses as context advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, Internet-boutiques and business e-mail... More

The Tree of Online Success

Success Stories Best Business Practices Philip Morris

When it considered diversification targets, Philip Morris believed that the core competence it had developed in marketing cigarettes could apply to other, similar markets. Based on this belief, the company purchased Miller Brewing and then used the Philip Morris marketing skills to move the Miller brand from seventh place to second in its market.

Success Stories Best Business Practices Toyota, Nissan, and Honda

In late 1980s, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda moved into adjacent market segments. They launched luxury cars Lexus, Infinity, and Acura respectively to compete with BMW and Mercedes. The Japanese cars were priced about one-third lower and had a superior service network.  The value proposition was solid enough to win over potential and current BMW and Mercedes customers, despite the power of their brands. Yet the Japanese also expanded this profitable segment as a whole.



Success Stories Best Business Practices GE

Jack Welch transformed GE from a purely manufacturing company into a more diversified company with an increasingly important service component. In his 1996 annual report, Welch wrote: "Services is so great an opportunity for the Company that our vision for the next century is GE that is 'a global service company that also sells high-quality products.'" When asked if GE was going to become a more product-oriented or service-oriented company, Welch replied, "It's got to be a big combination... It's an integrated game."   >>>

Success Stories Best Business Practices Thermo Electron's Spin-out Strategy

Some results of the Thermo Electron's spinout strategy achieved over a period of 12 years include:

  • 23 new venture companies created

  • 85% survival rate for new ventures

  • 20-times increase in company's revenues

  • 40 executives and spinout managers are multimillionaires

  • Spinout multiplier effect: second-generation companies started spinning out third-generation grand-children

  • Diversified production lines: Thermo Electron that started with manufacturing heat-treating furnaces now develops, manufactures and markets environmental monitoring and analysis instruments; biomedical products; paper-recycling and paper-making equipment; alternative-energy systems; industrial-process equipment; and many other specialized products... More

Success Stories Best Business Practices Warren Buffett

According to Warren Buffett, "Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing,"