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Business Model

Function    6 Components    Dynamic  >>  Opportunity-driven

New Business Models >> 10 Driving Forces

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Strategic Business Success

Sustainable Growth Strategies

Stages    Tree of Business    Tao of Business Success

6Ws of Growth >> 9 Basic Sources  Focus  Framework

Business BLISS    Balanced Business    Healthy Company

Value    Performance    Profits    Diversification

Work On Your Business  >>  EVA    Knowledge    Focus

Competitive Strategies

Stand Out from the Competition >> 3 Strategies

Sustainable Competitive Advantage >> Sources

Small Business Success

Entrepreneurial Success >> Boost Performance

Customer Success 360

Love    Creating Customer Value >> Online

Differentiation >> Strategic Brand Management

Efficiency Improvement

Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF) >>> Culture

Kaikaku    Kaizen >> Kaizen Mindset

80/20 Principle >> Top 10 Business Uses 

IT / Business Alignment

Productivity Improvement    Process Innovation

Synergistic Partnerships

Business Partnerships    Customer Partnership

Kore 10 Tips

Managerial Leadership    Discover Opportunities

Business Architect

Tasks    Cross-functional Expertise    Synergize Diversities

Balance 10 Major Tensions within Your Company

Fast Growing Business

Kore 3 Strategies    Venture Marketer

e-Coach for Disruptive Innopreneurs

10 Rules for Building a Great Business    Strategic Direction

7 Routes To High Profits    6Ws of High Growth

10 Commandments of Innovation

Surprise To Win    Fast Company

Creating Customers    Create a Market Niche

Innovation Success 360

Innovation Is Love    Customer-driven Innovation

Value Innovation    Synergistic Innovation

Systemic Innovation    Business Innovation

Synergize Radical and Incremental Innovations

Innovation-friendly Organization

Corporate Innovation System



Top-line Growth

Radical Idea Generation    Strategic Intent

Venture Strategies    Blue Ocean Strategy

In-company Ventures    Spin-Outs

Radical Innovation    Radical Project Management

New-to-the-World Product Development

Jazz of Innovation >> Yin-Yang >> 11 Tips

Venture Investing    Venture Acquisitions

Synergistic Marketing and Selling

Synergistic Marketing    Synergistic Selling

Coaching by Example

e-Coach Success Story >> 10 Success Lessons

Innompic Games >> Differentiation

Market Segmentation by Business e-Coach

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools >> Branding Story

eCoach-Cimcoin Synergy >> Guiding Principles

Fun4Biz Suggestion System

High-Growth Firms

Be Different    Cross-functional Innovation Teams

Guiding Principles    Synergize Diversities    Differentiation

Silicon Valley Firms    Apple    Amazon

Alibaba    Bunsha    Facebook    Google

Sustainable Growth

Core Competencies    Competitive Advantage

Characteristics    8 Best Practices    Inclusive Company

Customer Value Creation    Brand Management

Strategic Business Units

Effectiveness & Efficiency    Kaizen    Toyota

Performance Management    Feedback    Diversify

Lessons from Great CEOs

Richard Branson    Henry Ford    Steve Jobs    Estee Lauder

Konosuke Matsushita >> Business Philosophy    Akio Morita

Narayna Murthy    Sam Walton

Jack Welch >> 25 Lessons >> Live Speed

Warren Buffett >> 4+4 Investment Criteria

Business Games

Strategic Innopreneurial Games >> Benefits

Innoball >> Benefits >> Yin-Yang    Innovation Chess

Business Success Quotes

How To Get Rich    Customer Success

Corporate Leadership    Innovation

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