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I teach creativity, innovation, and venturing by example

~ VadiK


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KoRe Mini-courses

The Greatest Know How

vs.    The Best vs. the others

SuperSmart vs. Smart

New-To-the-World Product Development

Big Picture    HIGHERsight vs, Insight

East vs. West    Life Philosophy

3 Levels of Creativity    Super-Creativity

Holistic Thinking    SupraConscious Thinking

Divine Creativity and Wisdom

Work Smart and Hard

Turn Problems To Opportunities

Venturepreneur 9 Maxims of Venturing

Innopreneurial Journey A-to-Z/360

High-Growth Startup: 10 Rules

Venture Marketer

Leadership Attributes    12 Leadership Roles

Inspirational Leadership 10 Roles

Innovation The Jazz of Innovation

Business Growth 10+

710 Strategies of World-changing Firms

STAND OUT from your competition

3Ss of Outstanding Performance

Soft Innovation    Systemic Innovation

Hot Intrapreneurial Teams

Disruptive Strategist  ▪  Differentiation

Creative Management

Europe  ▪  Humorous Business Plans

Waltz Up with Everything

SuperCreativity 360/24

SuperConscious Thinking



Amazing Thinker 360


Advanced Soft Skills

4 Levels of Problem Solving

Result-oriented Communication

12 Leadership Roles

Entrepreneurial Attributes

Disruptive Innopreneur

How To Create New Trends

Innovation Process A-Z/360

Happy Business

Yin-Yang of Business Success

Business BLISS

Entrepreneurial Organization

Head of Growth

Super-Smart Employee

Outstanding Job Candidate

Marketing Rainbow

Digital Marketing





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Business e-Coach  e-Coach

10 Success Lessons

e-Coach vs. e-Learning

SuperConscious-Conscious Thinking Synergy

Emfographics    Messageful Images

Licensed Trainers    Guest Posting

Best Articles   

Top-Ranked Pages

The Art of Life and Business

Iceberg of Opportunities    Success 360

Coaching    Coaching Organization

Glossary Master Keys 6Ws

Humor  Educative Jokes  Teachers

Thank-You messages from Users

Coaching by Example

SuperCreativity    SuperConscious Thinking

Civilizational Breakthrough

KoRe Synergies Designed and Created

3 Success Stories of Innompic Startups

A-to-Z Mini-Courses


Achieve Much More    Reduce Risks

Business Design    Business Case

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT)

Package for Trainers

KoRe Trademark Thinking Techniques

SuperConscious Thinking

SuperCreativity as a CSD Dance

SARS of Discovering & Inventing

6 Mindsets    HIGHERsight

The Wheel of Personal Success

Achieve Impossible     COCA

Life-Business Synergy    Happiness


6+6 Engines of an Entrepreneur

BE MAD    Innovation is Love

 Venture Management Laws

3Bs of Strategic Creativity

10 Commandments of Innovation

Learning SWOT Questions

The Tree of Business Success

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Leadership-Management Synergy

Surprise To Win

Outside-the-Box Uses of SWOT Matrix

Marketing Rainbow    SWOT Marketing

Systemic Innovation: 7 Areas

Dream Product Development: 4 How

Jazz of Innovation

SPIN ‒ Spiral Integration of Ideas


World's largest innovation INNOMPIC GAMES Global #1 creativity  

Innompic Planet of Loving Creators  

Radical Mega-Innovation

Trend Setter    IG Differentiated

Brand Attributes    Brand Appeal

Innompians  ▪  Exposition  ▪  The Song

Systemic Innovation  ▪  Value Innovation

Ecosystem    e-Innompics




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