Customer Value Management (CVM) Strategic and Operational 6Ws  

Probe each W using questioning words from a positive and negative perspective.

The questions should be focused on the chosen area of customer value management (CVM) and could be constructed as follows.








Why do we need to create outstanding customer value?

Why could we fail to do so?

Why would customers love the value we’ll create for them?

Why would prospective buyers ignore our customer value proposition?


Winning Customers

Surprise to Win

Competitive Differentiation

Think for Your Enemies






What are the key features of great customer value?

What our competitors are far better at than we are?

What projects should we include in our value innovation portfolio?

What customer value creation competencies we lack now?


Customer Value Creation

Love Your Customers

Innovation is Love

Customer-driven Innovation




PowerPoints for sale

Smart & Fast

Innovation Success 360







Where could we acquire resources for creation of outstanding customer value?

Where our competitors could be targeting us?

Where are our strong and weak points?

Where could we be the fastest to market?


INNOBALL Simulation Game

Achieve Much More

Reduce Risks






Who will be the leaders of the CVM cross-functional group?

Who could resist  the change created by the group?

Who will conduct beta-testing of an innovative product or service?

Who should be partnered with for co-innovation?


Business Architect

Change Management

Sample Job Descriptions

Customer Experience Manager




PowerPoints for sale

Smart & Fast








How will new customer value be created?

How could we increase reward/risk ratio and profits?

How shall we insulate value innovation projects from corporate bureaucracy?

How could we assemble a great value innovation team?


Value Chain Management

State-of-the-Art Value Chain

New Product Development

Jazz of Innovation







When should we introduce new value innovations to the market?

When should we start each value innovation project?

When should we start our marketing campaigns?

When should we engage customers in beta-testing?


Virtuoso Marketing

Be a Helper

Empathetic Marketing

Customer  Experience Management
















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Coaching by Example

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