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10 Characteristics
of a
Successful Emerging Growth Business
Vadim Kotelnikov

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Know How To Win

"Before I discovered The Art of War, I tried starting two businesses. The first consumed money for almost two years before we closed it down. The second fell apart and was sold within a year. After I started studying and using Sun Tzu's methods, the next business that I started went on to become one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing privately owned businesses in America."

~ Gary Gagliardy


Know Enemies of Your Business

12 Reasons Why Startups Fail

Enemies of Innovation






Is infused with passion for customers, very close to customers and responsive to their needs and wants; builds loving customer relationships.

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Customer Success 360

Customer-driven Innovation



Devotes substantial resources to innovation; approaches innovation is a systemic way; provide strategic alignment and builds synergies across functions.

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Innovation Success 360

Innovation is Love




Seeks leadership image with superior offerings. Differentiates itself from competitors creatively and skillfully; develops strong and appealing brand.

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Brand Attributes

Competitive Differentiation



Creates its own market niche or targets expanding, or otherwise attractive, market segments.

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What Investors Are Looking For

Investor Pitch



Creates radical innovations proactively; plays entrepreneurial simulation games, such as
INNOBALL Innoation Branball entrepreneurial simulation game INNOBALL, to strengthen its innovation team and business case.

Prepare To Win - INNOBALL simulation game innovation brainball Vadim Kotelnikov

Radical Project Management (RPM)

Jazz of Innovation




Competes on value, not price; creates sustainable competitive advantage to grow rapidly and survive against its competition over a long period of time.

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Business Success 360

Competitive Innovation



Aims for rapid growth revenues in near term; offers above-average profitability in prospect in terms of return on capital invested.

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Business Success 360

7 Routes to High Profits



Is properly financed with an effective mix of equity and debt; healthy cash flow with access to follow-on and contingency funds.

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What Investors Are Looking For

Investor Pitch




Well led and managed with high-grade staff and good people-management.

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Business Success 360

Breakthrough Business Success



 Behind every characteristic there should be an explicit strategy designed to reduce the likelihood of failure
and  to increase the chances of success.