Top-line growth refers to the increase in revenue a company earns through its core business operations.

Sustainable business growth strategy is a practical approach to achieving top-line growth and bottom-line results.

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Business Success 360






Blue-Ocean Strategies

Blue Ocean strategies, or Venture Strategies, are focused on driving growth through disruption and radical innovation, creation of new market niches and becoming the #1 in that market niche. It is radical innovation and new game changing breakthroughs that can launch your company into new markets, make you a market leader, enable rapid growth, and create high return on investment.


Radical Innovation

Radical vs. Incremental Innovation

Blue Ocean Strategies

6 Principles

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategies



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Head of Growth

A Head of Growth is a top manager who is focused on growth and growth alone.

Growth Hacking Team

A growth hacking team focuses on building and engaging the user base of a business.












Generate Your Growth Strategies

How To Stimulate Radical Idea Generation

Inspiring People: 4 Strategies

Loose-Tight Leadership


Simulation Game "Innovation Football"

Innovation Football (Innoball) is a breakthrough simulation game that helps innovators achieve great success in the real world.

Innoball helps you:

Success Stories and Case Studies

Radical Innovation

GE's Digital X-ray Project


Charles Schwab: Fast Company

Apple's Innovation Strategies

Thermo Electron: Managing Radical Innovation Through Spin-Outs

Corning: Managing Radical Innovation Through Internal Start-Ups

Venture Acquisitions by Google

GE Equity: Investing in External Ventures

Silicon Valley Firms: Relentless Growth Attitude

Silicon Valley Firms: Attracting People To Opportunities

eCoach-Cimcoin Synergy

The Need for Venture Strategies and Fast Growth

"You will either step forward into growth or you step back into safety." ~ Abraham Maslow 

In the new economy driven by innovation, many companies are growing. "Problem is, they aren't growing fast enough to keep up with today's shareholder values, nor tomorrow's shareholder expectations."1

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy

Value Innovation: Yin-Yang Strategies

Incremental improvements in the existing business is not enough in today's rapidly changing business environment. In addition to improving current operations, you must spend time looking for entirely new ways to meet customer needs as well as create new customers. You should select and implement different and better ways of meeting your corporate goals. In addition to running today's business, you should be starting bold, new initiatives. Some of these high-risk-high-return ventures may fail and some may succeed and add to your top-line growth.

Above all, you must encourage, energize and empower your employees and colleagues to take a creative and entrepreneurial approach to discover and exploit new opportunities.

Creative Dissatisfaction

Entrepreneurial Creativity: Yin and Yang

Radical Project Management (RPM)

As radical innovation projects are characterized by higher levels of uncertainties technical, market, and organizational,   patterns of their journey to the marketplace are unlike those in incremental innovation projects... More

10 Commandments of Innovation

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips

Synergize Incremental and Radical Innovations

Strike a synergistic balance in your innovation portfolio between the immediate and the future to achieve bottom-line results and top-line growth... More



Synergistic Diversification

The fundamental role of synergistic diversification is for business architects to create value for stockholders in ways stockholders cannot do better for themselves. The additional value is created through synergistic integration of a new business into the existing one thereby increasing its competitive advantage... More

Fast To Market

7 Routes To High Profits

Being first in any category is going to give you the edge being the leader comes from being first. Once you are the leader, a position mostly gained by being first, it is pretty hard for competitors to dislodge you, as long as you keep your products up to date and of comparable quality... More

Create Your Market Niche

To compete with other businesses nowadays you need something unique that nobody else can copy. You must create a niche for your business. A niche is something that makes your business different from your competitors and positions is prominently.... More


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  2. The Leader's Guide To Lateral Thinking, Paul Sloane