Business Tree

Sustainable Value

Value Chain Management

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Benefits of Performance Management




Creating Customer Value


Performance Management

Customer Value Journey

Customer Experience >> Formulation  Implementation

Strategic Achievement

Value Innovation □□□

10 Tips    Customer-driven Innovation

Co-innovate with Your Customers and Suppliers

Managing for Results

8 Perceptions    Results-based Leadership

Service-Profit Chain


Entrepreneurial Organization >> Entrepreneurial Staff

Culture  >>  Team    Customer-focused    Questioning

Inspire Your Team    Team Creativity >> 10 Tips

Innovation-friendly Organization  >> Culture

Leadership  >>  Creative  >>  DOs and DON'Ts

Efficiency Improvement

Productivity    Continuous Improvement    Lean    Quality 

Kaizen Mindset    Kaizen Culture    Suggestion Systems

Problem Solving >> 4 Levels >> Opportunities    5 WHYs  

Managerial Leadership

Inspirational Leadership    Management-Leadership Synergy

Leverage Diversity  >>  Synergize Diversities

Project Management

Strategic    Business Systems Approach


Innoball  >>  Conquer Enemies of Innovation    Stronger Venture

Jazz of Innovation  >>  Yin-Yang Balance    11 Tips

ICT-powered Value Chain

IT Architect  >>  IT/Business Alignment  >>  10 Tips

Website  >>  Customer-focused    Customer Engagement

e-Business  >>  Benefits    Adoption

ERP    e-Commerce    CRM    Virtual Integration

Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM)

Supply Chain >> State of the Art

Extended Enterprise

Connected Enterprise

Virtual Integration  >>  Dell


System    BSC    Innovation    Cleaner Production


Benefits    Employee Performance Management

Develop Employees >> Coaching

Empowering and Energizing  >>  Inspiring    Energizing

Involving    Empowerment  >>  Why    10 Steps

Teamwork  >>  Synergistic Team    Intellectual Teamwork

Individual Performance

Increase Your Individual Performance  >>  Be the Best Possible

Right Job    Skill / Will Matrix


Innovation vs. Operations    10 Commandments

Innovation System

Innovation Strategies >> Strategic Creativity    Strategic Alignment

Innovation Project Management >> Radical

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

Enemies of Innovation >> Why New Products Fail    Jokes


  Motivating and Communicating    Kaizen    TQM in Japan

Change Management

Change Program    Overcoming Resistance To Change