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Happy Business

Love Your Customers    White Marketing

Loving Customer Relationships


Marketing Strategies

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Creating Customers

KoRe 10 Tips   Innovation is Love   Innovative Event

Know Your Customers and Prospects

Top 10 Subconscious Values    Customers of Innovations

Customer Needs    What Makes People Buy

Customer Value Proposition

Keys    Core Marketing Message (CMM)

Contextual Value Proposition    Advertising >> Checklist

Differentiation Strategies

Competitive Differentiation    Ideas >> 4 Steps >> Psychology

Stand Out from the Competition >> 3 Strategies

Positioning >> 10 Tips  /  10 Commandments

Brand >> Attributes >> Appeal >> Benefits >> Brand Equity

Name    Slogan  >>  10 Tips  /  Innompic Contest

Create Your Market Niche    Market Dominance

Marketing Mix

Virtuoso Marketing    Creative Marketing

Marketing Plan  >>  Primer  /  Contents    4Ps    22 Laws

Emotional    Empathetic    Experiential    Credibility

Marketing To the Subconscious    Buzz    PR

ICT-powered Marketing

Content  >>  Headlines    Internet    e-Mail    SMS

Promote Your Website    Affiliate Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)  >>  KoRe 10 Tips

Synergistic Selling

Risks Perceived by Customers    Be a Helper    Sell Benefits

USP  >>  Communicate   Persuade    System Selling

Natural Selling    Serve    Engage Customers  >>  10 Tips

Pricing  >>  3 Basic Strategies  /  Pricing Psychology

Selling Is Problem Solving

Creative PS    Turn Problems To Opportunities

Closing the Sale

3 Secrets    Closing Techniques    Directive Closing

Marketing and Selling Primer for Entrepreneurs

How To Market a Radical Innovation

A Classic Mistake    Customer Assessment Checklist

10 Marketing Tips    Sell Yourself

Selling Strategies at Different Company Growth Stages

Great Salesperson

Sales Presentation: Sell Twin Benefits

Prepare to Sell    Win-Win Mindset

Selling by Coaching    Question-based Selling

Selling by Active Listening

Sell Your Ideas To Decision Makers  >>  Presentation

Learning SWOT Questions

Personal Brand    Charisma >> How To Be Charismatic

Memorizing Techniques    Reviewing

Emotional Intelligence    Social Competences

Cultural Intelligence    Cross-cultural Communication

Coaching by Example

Market Segmentation by e-Coach

Innompic Games >> THE SOLUTION  /  Benefits  /  Differentiated

Innoball Examples  >>  Making Innompic Games a Great Show

Innompic Torch Web-Relay  >>  Innoball-designed

VK Personal Brand   KoRe 10 Branding Story

KoRe 10 Tips    KoRe 6 Slides

Advertising Slogan Contests at Fun4Biz  >>  II Innompic Games

CimWay e-shop of cheap innovative products

Cimcoin & CimJoy Founders: Synergistic Auras

Price Negotiation Example

Be Different

Differentiation    Customer Care    Feedback

Brand Management  >>  Slogan  /  Logo  /  UTM

Advertising Slogans >> Innompics / Apples / Fun4Biz  / Avis

Emotional Marketing    Buzz Marketing

Estee Lauder    Burger King    OneShift

Dell Inc.    Asian Home Gourmet    Rich Dad

A Model of a Real Selling Process

Steve Jobs: Sell Dreams and Emotional Benefits

Siemens' ShareNet    SHA Wellness Clinic

Amazon    Alibaba

CVCI >> CVCI e-Marketing >> SEO >> SMM

Color Psychology in Marketing and Branding

Jokes  >>  Smart is Dumb