Business Tree

Managerial Tasks

Performance Management Case Studies

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Benefits of Performance Management

Performance Management System



Managing the Current Business

Employee Performance Management

Innovation Performance Management

Strategic Management

Strategy >> Formulation  Implementation    Strategic Achievement

Setting Objectives and Planning  >>  Setting Goals    Planning

Managing for Results

Strategic Business Success    Stretch    Energize

8 Perceptions    Results-based Leadership >> Simplify

Service-Profit Chain    Supply Chain    Advertising Checklist


Losing    Balanced    Entrepreneurial    Systems    7Ss Model

Culture  >>  Team    Customer-focused    Questioning    No-Blame

Leverage Diversity  >>  Synergize Diversities    No-Blame Culture

Management by Objectives (MBO)

Setting Objectives    Employee Empowerment    You

Efficiency Improvement

Productivity    Continuous Improvement    Lean    Quality 

Kaizen Mindset    Kaizen Culture    Suggestion Systems

Problem Solving >> 4 Levels >> Opportunities    5 WHYs  

Project Management

Strategic    Business Systems Approach

Measuring Performance

Measurement System  >>  2 Elements    Balanced Score Card

360 Evaluation    Measuring Cleaner Production

Examples of Performance Management

  Motivating and Communicating    Kaizen    TQM in Japan

Developing People

Develop Employees >> Innoball    Self-Leaders    Initiative

Turn Managers to Leaders    Entrepreneurial Staff


vs. Micromanaging    Benefits    Motivational    Instant Payoff

People Power

Help People Grow    Involve    Inspire    Empower and Energize

Empower  >>  Why    Benefits    10 Steps    Energize

Creative Leadership    Innovative Workforce    Give a WOW

GE Work-Out  >>  Goals  ‖  7 Steps  ‖  Examples    Meditation


Synergistic Team    Empower Others    Intellectual Teamwork

Motivating and Communicating

Managerial Communication  >>  Articulate Your Vision  ‖  NLP

Motivating >> Power Yin-Yang Motivators Attitude >> Examples

Synergistic Motivation   Strategic Motivation  >>  Direction System

Incentives   Reward System  >>  Examples  >>  Silicon Valley

Motivate Employees to Embrace Change   Simplicity

Individual Performance

Right Job    Motivational Coaching    Skill / Will Matrix


Personal Breakthrough  >>  Self-Leader    Self-Coaching

Increase Your Individual Performance  >>  Be the Best Possible

Business Skills    Increase Your Performance >> Questions


Innovation vs. Operations    10 Commandments

Enemies of Innovation

6 Barriers    Why New Products Fail >> 10 Performance Problems

Jokes >> Prevent Innovation Problems >> Solutions Opportunities

Innovation Strategies

Strategic Business Success    Strategic Creativity

INNOBALL  >>  Exceed Your Initially Desired Results

Innovation System

Strategic Alignment  >>  Guiding Structure

Leadership    Innovation-friendly Organization    Intrapreneurs

Culture of Innovation >> Creative Dissatisfaction  /  Design Thinking

Innovation Process    Innovation Project Management

Inspire Your Team    Team Creativity >> 10 Tips

Radical Project Management  >> Skills of Project Leader

Innoball  >>  Conquer Enemies of Innovation    Stronger Venture

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

Jazz of Innovation  >>  Yin-Yang Balance  /  11 Tips

Bunsha    Measuring Innovation

Managerial Leadership

Results-based    Inspirational    Management-Leadership Synergy

Change Management

Leadership    System  ●  Program  ●  Overcoming Resistance

Cultural Transformation at Monsanto >> Core 32 Program